The EngLancer story

The EngLancer story began when it was registered in 2013, by Co-Founder and current CEO Gary Robinson, in Manchester (UK). It came to life in 2014 when Gary went on to build the platform with Co-Founder and CTO, Philip Wattis.

Despite the on-going and growing demand for engineers, draughtsmen and other technical services, Engineering companies often attempt to procure the staff and resources they need through traditional recruitment processes, agencies and within a confined geographical area.

Recognising the inefficiencies, costs and risks associated with working in this way, the EngLancer team believed there must be a better way of working. What we found was that the web and software industries have been delivering projects for years by successfully modularising and outsourcing work.

We believe the engineering industry will benefit by doing the same and that working in this way offers significant advantages to both client and subcontractor. It has therefore become a passion for the EngLancer team to build a platform that enables the industry to take advantage of this business model.

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