The importance of a strong profile

Whether you are looking to outsource a job, or you are an avid freelancer looking to tender for work, having a completed and open EngLancer profile is essential to secure good results.

The freelancer

You wouldn't apply for a job interview without making sure your CV is up to date, or worse still, not allow the interviewer to see your CV. To do so would virtually guarantee that you wouldn't get the job, let alone make it through to the interview.

EngLancer works in much the same way.

We do our best to make things easy for you and prepopulate your profile with details obtained from LinkedIn - your profile will already contain some relevent information about you. However, there is a limit to what we can do. To ensure your profile looks attractive to potential outsourcers, you will need to take some time to review it and complete the additional information that we have not been able to determine.

What's important

  • Complete all fields - By ensuring that you have completed your whole profile, you are advertising your expertise to a potential outsourcer in the best way possible. If you haven't taken the time to complete all of your profile, what message does that send to a potential client looking to outsource work?
  • Be open - Each field has a privacy setting. Your email address and telephone number will only ever be viewable by clients, but you also have the ability to set the privacy of all other fields to work the same way. We would recommend against doing this however unless you have a compelling reason to do so, as an outsourcer is more likely to choose freelancers who appear open, transparent and communicative. Setting all your profile fields to private may suggest a lack of transparency.
  • Skills are important - Not only do your skills tell a potential client what your areas of expertise are, our innovative software uses your skills to determine which new jobs you may be interested in and notifies you accordingly. If you have no skills selected, you will never receive any notifications of new jobs which you may wish to tender for.
  • Seek recommendations - Having recommendations from people you have previously done business with speaks volumes about your expertise. You can invite others to write you a recommendation from the recommendations section of your profile. We'll invite them with an email.

The outsourcer

We go to great lengths to ensure that freelancers can have confidence that they'll be rewarded adequately and without delay for the work they undertake, but we also understand that both parties do not want to encounter problems while undertaking a job. There are a number of things you can do as an outsourcer to instil confidence in a potential freelancer.

What's important

  • Complete all fields - Tell the world a bit about yourself. An fully completed profile will go some way to showing the freelancer that you are serious. A completed profile is not necessarilly an indication that a job specification will also be well detailed and set out, but an empty profile may well lead people to believe that a tendered job may be poorly specified and difficult to undertake and deliver.
  • Be open - As with the freelancer, your email address and telephone number are only viewable to freelancers who have been allowed to bid on one of your jobs, but you have complete control over the visibility of all other fields to non-bidders. An open and a transparent profile would tend to reflect an organisation that operates in an open and transparent manner. This in turn implies that a job will likely be easier to complete and that any issues will be dealt with and resolved quickly and in an open manner.

Always remember, EngLancer is here to try and make things easier for you. If you have any questions, or encounter any problems at any stage, please do not hesitate to get in touch.