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Let's take a scenario. An up and coming engineering practice, with a decision to make. They have just landed a great project. The larger, more prestigious one, they have been looking for. It's the type of job that gets you noticed, that wins you more work going forward... basically the one that lets you take your business to the next 'level'.

But this success brings its own problems though. After all, you won the project because the client believed you had the staff, specialities and resources to hit the required deadlines. How do you do this though without having to pay up-front for the staff, software and other resources required for a project like this? Where do you find the team you need? The quality engineers, draughtsmen and modellers that will help you build your brand and name? It takes a lot of time, effort and often money to find these people, and we're always hearing it's getting harder and harder to find people within engineering.

This is where we help >>